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Tracking suites sucked i mean i’m gonna, be honest with you back then. I really thought i had something right, like you know, clicking all those little tabs on top um checking your internet stuff. I realized that actually, there were similar softwares like that. I kind of knew that before, but the audacity that i thought people would pay 14 bucks for something like that. What was i thinking looking back now i mean it’s good because tracking suite’s a beast now we changed it from a nice to have to a must-have for your agency. Now, for those just starting out all you freelancers out there or you small, to mid-size agencies out there now it’s a must-have and the following video is going to show you why we’ve included a mini CRM for you to be able to follow it with your leads. Also, we have added the chance for you to add multiple users to it. So in case that you want to either a hire a virtual assistant to take over and do the outreach for you. You know a lot of you guys have several jobs uh, you got a side hustle going on, so you can always run the marketing agency right away or full time. You can hire your virtual assistant, hey. We even have a package where you can pay monthly and we will hand pick a virtual assistant and take over training them to add them to your account and have them do the outreach there’s more features than that, but you’re gon na have to watch the video For that, what’s up today, i’m gon na show you what tracking suite is all about before we start. I just want to let you know this app is built around personalizing personalizing, your outreach. We do not condone bulk email, nor is the software built for that. So i’m gon na make this disclaimer, it’s basically just making personalized fast audits, so most people are probably gon na go. You know to google most agencies when you’re, just starting out click on a website and then see okay. This is a nice website this and this, and that – and you make your audits based on that now, with tracking suite, you can see right away. Okay, he had a google maps, but he just has google analytics installed, no google tag manager. Is he running ads? He could be running ads. Maybe we could set up conversion tracking for him next thing: facebook pixel, no data found. That means hey. You can offer facebook advertising, and here you can also see the social media. So maybe you might want to increase his social media presence. As you can see here, they have quite a few videos, but not that many views. Maybe you could look at running youtube ads for him as well um or for these attorneys. I’M sorry. So another cool thing with tracking suite is that you can check their seo. You know you got gt metrics hook up here. We got seo ability this one’s great for checking, site, speed. Um, you can see their cms is wordpress, so you kind of already know what you’re dealing with uh before you start with them, and then the best part about this is that you can do outreach straight from the app. So if they were to have their email here, you can just click on their email, it’ll open up your emailer, and then you can use already some pre-made templates to reach out to them. So the cool thing is here like, for example, here to open your skype up for you and already enter the number in your skype. The next thing is is that we also have a ringless voicemail integration and a zoom phone integration, so these integrations costs. Uh are separate: you have to set up an account on them, but they’re very well worth it, especially if you want to make a quick cold call or if you don’t like cold calling, you can leave a ringless voicemail now. The next feature about this is the mini crm and the mini crm works like this is that you can capture every single website that you visited in the mini crm, so you could say like did we um? Do we need a phone call? Yes, no was there an email sent? Yes, no, then their email is automatically entered phone number. You can add your comments like here, i said owner said with my bad spelling. Um owner said, call later right. So that’s another really cool thing you can do with tracking suite the next feature that i’m going to show. You is going to save you time if you don’t want to just go out. Looking for these straight up on google, like that um, what you can do is you can download, leads and mask so we’re going to go here and go back to google, i’m gon na type in lawyer, new york. Again, i haven’t been to new york yet but i’d love to visit there someday um, you just type in your keyword here simply like that, and then you click on view all on the map section right, and so it’s going to tell you, you can start collecting Leads so it’s going to start pulling up leads for you now keep in mind.


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