Grow your business FAST with TrackingSuite’s all in on one system. TrackingSuite features EVERYTHING you need to make that first contact with a prospect and start growing your business such as:

  • Fast Unlimited Bing and Google Lead Scraper and generator
  • Mini- CRM that gives you just enough to track and record your progress
  • AI sales signals (for agencies) that predict the best package for you to send potential clients based on a simple scan
  • Skype and Zoom phone Integrations
  •  Sending email straight from the CRM with our Gmail integrations

Mass – Bulk email is a numbers game. You are basically throwing darts blindly at a target when you initiate a bulk cold email campaign. Remember leads ARE people. Yes sending personalised email can take time. With TrackingSuite however you can:

  • Simply scan websites  and send out personalised email without sacrifcing time able to send out personalised mail without it taking much time
  • Grow your agency outreach and sales team without needing to spend hours training them
  • Track every step you take reaching out to prospects and more

We tend to often forget that there is a real person answering the other end of the email . People only respond to people. Not automated messages. Business owners are getting smarter these days and it is important to make sure that your offer stands out from the other emails that these people get each day. Remember! There are thousands of businesses just like yours with people sending mass email offers to the same recipient. This is why you need to standout with your offer and here is how TrackingSuite will help you make this happen.

Mini CRM from

Sales Ready Mini-CRM

Our Sales Mini – CRM has everything you need for your business to lift off. With TrackingSuite’s Mini -CRM you can

  • Keep track of each lead and person you have contact with.
  • Let it autopopulate based on your browsing history based on websites that you scanned.
  • Collaborate with your team and keep track of your outreach progress
  • Export the data instantly into an excel sheets and import to your own CRM 
  • Use Skype’s inexpensive phone integration to call national and international numbers
  • Leave comments, and save important details about your interactions
  • Send email with your default or Gmail email accounts straight from the CRM

Limitless Google and bing maps Lead Generation

  • Scrape and download unlimited lead lists from any industry via Google and Bing maps
  • Upload the lists to the TrackingSuite CRM or download them as an excel for your own CRM
  • Scrape websites for phone numbers, emails and reviews

FAST website audits

Running an Audit before you contact a potential client can increase conversions! TrackingSuite allows you to

  • See where the business owners weakpoints are where you can help them with their marketing
  • Use our 3rd party web integrations to get full SEO insights and reports that you can also use as an Icebreaker with your prospect.


Get your foot in the door with potential clients by standing out and approaching them on what they NEED. Let our AI tell you what to offer. 

With TrackingSuite you can scan the website wicked fast and get marketing info, social links, scan for SEO and more!


Our AI signals analyze and show you which package that your potential customer is most likley to respond to

We use a traffic light signal based system that tells you if you should send a 

  • Google PPC Offer 
  • Facebook Ads Offer
  • Social Media Management Offer
  • Facebook or Google Ads Audit

You get this info within seconds. The best part about it is that anybody can rely and use these signals to send out offers without needing much training or education in digital marketing. 

Trusted by agencies and Freelancers


Not out to grab your pocket. Tracking Suite is for a diverse pool of users. Let’s get you started.

New Users Must Register For An Account Before Purchasing 

$309/Annum (Save $50)
$49.99/Monthly 2 Users
Sales Edition
$159.99/Monthly Premium with dedicated Virtual Sales assistant
$2100 (Only for Basic and Premium)

Unleash the power of data insights and detect the relevant tech solutions your clients use for their website. Deploy accurate and timely marketing campaigns that position you as a top marketing agency or freelancer for your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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With our Premium version you can add up to two users.

Yes! You can join us on Slack for training and Support.  We plan on doing eventual live outrach sessions. If that sounds good to you feel free to click on the Contact US Slack Icon

Irrespective of your level of experience and the size of your clientele, TrackingSuite works for you.

Use Track Suite as many times as you wish to check your websites for data insights.

Our powerful algorithms are designed to detect millions of web apps, tools, and plugins from around the net.

This Chrome browser extension works on every website you visit in your browser.

You don’t need em with us 🙂

We allow users to cancel at anytime

No questions asked 30 day money back gaurentee for all plans except Sales Edition/Lifetime and Yearly. We encourage you to try our monthly plans before switching to yearly or lifetime as we do not offer refunds for yearly or lifetime.

Contact to cancel your account

Yes TrackingSuite is 100% GDPR Compliant. In a nutshell all TrackingSuite does is read a websites source code very fast. You could do the same thing ( although it will take much longer) by simply clicking right click on a website and checking the HTML

No. TrackingSuite does not encourage mass cold email campaigns. TrackingSuite is designed for you to scan a reach out to businesses within seconds without needing to send mass email offers.