It is easier then ever to prospect and get clients for your Social MediaDigital Marketing Agency!

Hey folks, it is 2022 and it is easier than ever to get clients for your social media agency or your digital marketing agency or your seo agency, and i’m going to show you how and i’m talking about no bull crap, no uh uh. What do you call it like?

You know whole screen thing in my bobber, where they do like a whole step, one this step, two step, three, this!

 So if you’re working in a b2b or b2c space, it doesn’t matter, i’m going to show you right away how you can do it without spending, let’s say hundreds of dollars on a lead generation, uh software.


 Let’s have a look at yelp, for example, and we’re going to see who shows up now keep in mind. These people are already generating traffic through yelp, or through google maps. 


So keep in mind before you approach them that they’re already getting traffic.

Okay, that’s super important because when you offer your services, you want to make sure you offer something that they’re probably going to need (For example conversion tracking/phonecalls etc) in addition to what they have going on already.

 Let’S see what shows up now he’s got a website. That’S awesome! We’Re going to click on that website.


There! Okay, great so we’re gonna use tracking suite here and we’re not even gonna bother looking at the pixels or a Facebook or this or that we’re just gon na follow the ai. So here we go, the green light says: offer to google ppc service and offer facebook ads service, also social media management and youtube channel growth, wow, okay.

This business owner definitely needs marketing help as you can tell from the 90’s design and missing details.


So what you can do is you can send an email through TrackingSuite or  if you’re brave enough, you can call them via skype, zoom phone or leave a ringless voicemail.


You can also check the seo as well.

So what you want to do is react based on this offer, send them an email with your gmail account straight away. Just like that. It is that easy. 


 It’S super easy! Folks, it’s very cheap! You can do the same thing on google and um being but, like i said, you need to approach them already, having it in mind that they’re getting leads already, so you need to approach them with knowing or you need to approach them with the attitude that you’re Going to be an asset to their business.

You’re going to add more value to what they’re already doing so, like i said with this guy he’s probably doing good with seo at the moment, you can offer him facebook ads. You can offer him ppc and you can offer him social media management right. Those are things you can add on.


Check out the Social Media. Not much engagement?   Offer it!

Here is how you would approach this client.

You would say hello, tom, let’s, let’s uh, pull it up right here, the tracking suite again we’re gonna offer him facebook ads right. You could say like “hi tom, i had a quick look at your website and notice that you have implemented the facebook pixel, which is great, but because i think that that’s good for your industry, facebook can offer you many inexpensive leads. Would you like to see the video i made for you showing the ideas i had in mind?” and then you can add here your company name, so you can also use loom like i’m using now to make video, but this is just an ice breaker right.


You want him to respond back and say yes, I would like to see the quick video strategy you have. What also works is when you say. Would you like to see the quick two-minute video I made for you right, so you want to say yeah? Just a quick two-minute video i made and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. You can add him too. You know. Add your own subject line make it. You know add him as the the email address, as you saw and go ahead and send that email off. So it’s that easy people. It is that darn easy you just have to be very creative with your ad copy. The templates that i have uploaded are very basic and you have to customize at the end of the day to what works for you, the most anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video today and it was helpful for you and uh talk to you soon start growing. Your agency

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