Is a Google Chrome extension that breaks a website down to its most basic tech elements. This powerful marketing tool is a full-fledged website optimization toolkit. Marketing agencies and freelance marketing professionals can now inspect a website in a matter of seconds.

Tracking Suite reveals detailed insights about a brand’s website including the CMS, SEO datasets, and social platforms integrated.

Seamless Client Acquisition to 5x Conversion

TrackingSuite acts as a “Mini-CRM” that helps you analyse a potential clients website fast and effective. Many lead gen companies offer filters before sending out massive cold emails. With TrackingSute YOU are the filter and can send out an email straight from the app to get in contact with them and show them how and what they can improve. No more excuses for using brackets like [First name] [Company name]. Business owners can smell that from miles away. 

How It Works:


Discover the most detailed information about brand prospects using data insights like never before. Tracking Suite is an opportunity to design your fail-proof sales strategy based on reliable data. Standout as a choice marketing agency or freelance marketing partner in your niche, industry, or region. Overcome the barrier of blind pitching and create a client audit in a matter of seconds. The Tracking Suite data insights include:

  1. Google Tags – detect, improve, and update tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and google ad performance.
  2. FB Pixels – Check connection with Facebook advertising pixels for better Ad results.
  3. Social – Assess your prospect’s social presence and capacity.
  4. CMS – Wix, WordPress, Magento, PHP, Laravel, ASP.NET, Joomla.
  5. SEO – pull the H1, H2 and other SEO data on webpages.

Trusted by agencies and Freelancers

Unleash the power of data insights and detect all the tech solutions your clients use for their website. Deploy accurate and timely marketing campaigns that position you as a top marketing agency or freelancer for your clients.

Powerful Website Inspection

Let the Tracking Suite tool unveil the technology behind any website including the CMS, plugins, ecommerce tools, payment integrations, company contact and social media details.

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Technology Stack Monitor

Whenever a website is upgrading resources, it’s a great opportunity to connect with your prospects as a marketing agency. Tracking Suite offers regular updates of selected websites to ensure you never miss changes in their technology stacks. Stay ahead of tech upgrades!

Competitive Edge Monitoring

Keep track of changes in website technology stacks for competition businesses. Get the extra edge that keeps your clients ahead of the competition. Know when a competitor changes CMS, ecommerce tools and lots more. Powered by Tracking Suites’ powerful website database of more a million sites, you can make informed upgrades for greater market share.

Stop pitching blind and build your client list effortlessly with technology stack monitoring that’s fast and reliable. Tracking Suite is a global solution for top performers looking to close more sales stress-free


Not out to grab your pocket. Tracking Suite is for a diverse pool of users. Let’s get you started.

New Users Must Register For An Account Before Purchasing

  • All PRO features
  • 1 User
  • 100 Credits /mo
  • First 10 websites free (use credit)
  • Pay Credit per Lead lists
  • API access
  • Anytime cancellation
  • Email & phone support
  • Live Chat Support
$860 (Lifetime Access)
  • All PRO features
  • Unlimited User
  • 100000 Credits/mo
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Pay Credit per Lead lists
  • API access
  • Anytime cancellation
  • Email & phone support
  • Live Chat Support
$143/Annum (20% off)
  • All PRO features
  • 5 User
  • 1000 Credits /mo
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Pay Credit per Lead lists
  • API access
  • Anytime cancellation
  • Email & phone support
  • Live Chat Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tracking Suite for newbie marketers or professionals?

Irrespective of your level of experience and the size of your clientele, TrackingSuite works for you.

How many times can I check a website?

Use Track Suite as many times as you wish to check your websites for data insights.

How does Tracking Suite get data?

Our powerful algorithms are designed to detect millions of web apps, tools, and plugins from around the net.

What sites can I check with Tracking Suite?

This Chrome browser extension works on every website you visit in your browser.

Do I need to sign up for a plan?

We have 3 payment plans tailored to varying needs and business expectations. Marketing agencies and freelancers can make once-off payments for lead lists, technology lookups and work with credits. A paid plan is required,and we offer lifetime access at a great price.

Why do I need credits?

Credits give access to several extra products, including lead lists and APIs. Products come with cost per unit and this detail can be seen in the pricing section.

What if I want to cancel my plan?

We allow users to cancel at anytime and retain access to all their credits and past purchases.

What is your refund policy?

We work hard to maintain a standard of service. However, if you are unhappy with our service, we are open to discussing resolutions, offering pro-rata refunds, or crediting your account. Credits are often non-refundable.

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