Cold outreach Made Warmer

✅Prequalify Digital Marketing Clients Faster Using Our Powerful Algorithm

✅Run Lightning Fast SEO Audits

✅ Send Voice Messages over Email

✅ Scrape Leads From Google & Bing Mapy for any industry

Powerful Smart Algorithm

Send Voice Messages through email

“TrackingSuite is great for contacting businesses off of the GMB listings”.

Founder & CEO

Zack Duncan

Root & Branch Group


 ✅ Check Current Website Marketing Data Instantly

 ✅ Get Info About Social Links, Analytics & Facebook

✅ Run SEO Audits In Real Time

✅ Keep track of your virtual assistants outreach and your own and see which websites were visited and which actions were taken

Scan and verify emails instantly

TrackingSuite can verfiy email addresses the minute that you scan the website. You can also send an email directly from the app by simply clicking on it once it has been detected. 

Get FRee access to our other software!
email Popper when you purchase trackingsuite


Not out to grab your pocket. Tracking Suite is for a diverse pool of users. Let’s get you started.



2 For One Software Lifetime Deal- Email Popper & TrackingSuite
$100 One Time

Unleash the power of data insights and detect the relevant tech solutions your clients use for their website. Deploy accurate and timely marketing campaigns that position you as a top marketing agency or freelancer for your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between TrackingSuite and Lemlist /Snov

Apps like Lemlist and Snov are great products. We are not out to compete with them but rather be seen as an extra layer of outreach. Lemlist and Snov are great for your initial outreach and you can use TrackingSuite as an addition to snipe those who may not have opened or read your email the first time. We are all about doing more with less!

How many users can I add on TrackingSuite

With our Premium version you can add up to two users.

Do you offer training or support?

Yes! You can join us on Slack for training and Support.  We plan on doing eventual live outrach sessions. If that sounds good to you feel free to click on the Contact US Slack Icon

Is TrackingSuite for newbie marketers or professionals?

Irrespective of your level of experience and the size of your clientele, TrackingSuite works for you.

How many times can I check a website?

Use Track Suite as many times as you wish to check your websites for data insights.

How does Tracking Suite get data?

Our powerful algorithms are designed to detect millions of web apps, tools, and plugins from around the net.

What sites can I check with TrackingSuite?

This Chrome browser extension works on every website you visit in your browser.

Why do I need credits?

You don’t need em with us 🙂

What if I want to cancel my plan?

We allow users to cancel at anytime

What is your refund policy?

No questions asked 30 day money back gaurentee for all plans except Sales Edition/Lifetime and Yearly. We encourage you to try our monthly plans before switching to yearly or lifetime as we do not offer refunds for yearly or lifetime.

Contact to cancel your account

Is TrackingSuite GDPR compliant?

Yes TrackingSuite is 100% GDPR Compliant. In a nutshell all TrackingSuite does is read a websites source code very fast. You could do the same thing ( although it will take much longer) by simply clicking right click on a website and checking the HTML

Are Mass Mailing Campaigns Possible With TrackingSuite?

No. TrackingSuite does not encourage mass cold email campaigns. TrackingSuite is designed for you to scan a reach out to businesses within seconds without needing to send mass email offers.